At The Spackman Group, we take time with each seller to learn their needs, wants and expectations during the transaction and beyond. We spend time on each individual property to develop a unique selling strategy, for that particular market, that will allow your home to stand out among the competition.

Making your home stand out in this market is the key to a successful sale, the first time around. Understanding that it's not just about where the market has been but where it's going puts us in position to get you the best possible price, in the shortest amount of time and with the fewest hassles.

We are here to help you strategically price your home to sell while providing you with a highly effective personalized marketing plan to ensure that your property receives maximum exposure.

Having a home that appears clean and well maintained certainly makes your home more desirable. And while that does make a difference, there are many details that must be coordinated to help create a more appealing property to potential buyers. Often, it is difficult for sellers to look at their home objectively. This is where staging your home can help. With our team of experts, we can help point you in the direction. Whether it's reworking a space, cleaning an area or two, making minor repairs or updates, removing clutter or a touch of fresh paint, our goal is to enhance your home's curb appeal.

We have built our business on the principle that if we can't serve them, we won't sign them. We restrict the number of both buyer and seller clients we work with at any given time, allowing us to provide that personal attention that truly makes the difference. We are constantly seeking to improve, add value and support our clients as they transition from home to home. We have been able to provide client services at a high level which has earned us #1 team in our market center of 350+ agents.

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